There’s no need for you to starve yourself or to be on a rigorous and strict diet to get rid of your unwanted belly fat. The main thing that you have to do is to change or quit some bad and harmful habits. If you do that, you’ll notice remarkable results and you’ll slim your belly very fast.

Slim Your Belly In Just Few Days – This Advice Really Helps!

1. Avoid the consumption of alcohol

The alcohol will dehydrate you, which means that your whole system will slow down. you should avoid alcohol for at least few days at a time. But, if you decide to indulge, then it’s best to start the next day with a drinking lot of water.

2. Avoid the consumption of salt

If you consume more salt than usual, then the body will temporarily keep more fluids and water than it should, and this leads to bloating. You should avoid the salt, but also the salt based spices and the processed foods. Additionally, you need to avoid the microwave prepared food because it’s filled with sodium. Instead, you should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in water.

3. Cut out the milk – completely

If sometimes you feel bloated and tired, or you’re tortured by gas, then there is a chance that you’re lactose intolerant. This happens to the people who are having a problem with digesting the milk’s sugar, and this can result with the occurrence of diarrhea, cramps and gas. Instead, you should consume foods that don’t have a high percentage of lactose, such as the rice and the almond milk.

4. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates

You should definitely avoid carbohydrates, such as baked goods and pasta. When you’ll reduce or stop their intake in your diet, then the body will start to spend the stocked carbohydrates and to discard the accumulated fluids. You can consume fewer carbohydrates by making a sandwich with 1 slice of bread instead of 2, and with turkey meat, cheese and eggs, with low fat content.

5. Replace the food rich in starch

The foods rich in starch, such as pasta, corn and potatoes cause gas. Rice is the only ingredient that is rich in starch which doesn’t cause gas.

6. Be active every single day

The regular exercising increases your heart rate which helps your body to relieve bloating. The breathing, on the other hand, is stimulating the red muscles natural-contractions, which helps in preventing constipation and buildup of gas and thus it accelerates digestion. So, whenever you can, take a walk after your meals.


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