Fitness instructor, cross-country runner, certified yoga instructor and occupational therapist Melissa Bender walks viewer step-by-step through 12-min lower back, love handles and abs workout that requires no exercise equipment except for a plush carpet or yoga mat.


By showing the viewers that they can achieve their strength-training, flexibility and toning goals in 12 min workout, Melisa has translated her experience into a highly interactive exercise.

The workouts in the following video include “Walk the Plank”, “Raise Leg Adduction”, “Table Top Heel Press”, “Bow Pose”, “Hip/Leg Lift”, “Side Plank Reach”, “Dive Bombers”, “Superman” and “Plank”.

During each workout Melisa provides instruction on proper breathing technique and shows details on other types of exercises that actually pair well with this one.

Source: Positive Med

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