You don’t need to go the gym or visit crazy exercise classes. Now, you can exercise in the comfort of your home.

What Makes Exercise So Important?

Not only it helps your body to burn fat, it also conditions the blood vessels, heart and lungs, and enables them to deliver oxygen to muscle cells more efficiently and more quickly. A number of studies have proven that exercise can ameliorate grave health problems, including soothing the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Nevertheless, the benefits of doing exercise go beyond physical welfare. It improves mood, decreases depression and fights anxiety. If you follow the weekly guide and do the listed exercises, you will soon get the body you want.

Core Exercises

This exercises are great for strengthening the core, and they are concentrated on exercising the abdominal muscles!

Basic Abdominal Exercises

Lie on your back and stretch your arms behind the head, lift the right leg (it needs to be kept bent at your knee) and touch your knee with your left arm.


Variation: you can lift your upper body from the floor a bit.

Moreover, doing different crunches styles is also basic exercise. Lie on your back and raise both of your legs. The knees needs to be bent. Lift the upper body from the floor slightly. Put your hands behind your head and rotate the left side while pulling the right leg closer to the head. Make sure that your left elbow is touching the right knee, and your legs must be off the floor at all times.

Variation: you can hold the body off the floor and slow it down, with your legs nearly straight and arms stretched in front.

The Plank


This exercise makes working on the core easier than ever. All of the abdominal muscles are engaged while doing this exercise and it can be done anywhere. What you need to do is lie down flat on your stomach, and put your elbows under your body. Use your toes to push up. Your back needs to be straight and the elbows straight down from the shoulders. Your buttocks need to be tucked in so that there is a straight line from your heels to your shoulders.

Variation: theseversions of planks will definitely help you.

Upper Body Exercise

Push Ups

You need to be in the position for a standard plank. Namely, remain in position, raised from the ground and lower yourself nearly to the ground using your arm and curving your elbows. Return to starting position and do it again.

Variation: if the standard plank is too hard for you, try doing one with your ankles crossed and your knees on the ground.

Lower Body Exercises

Buttock Exercises


You need to be positioned on all fours. Put your hands just under the shoulder line. Stretch backwards your left leg and move it up towards the body, as high as possible. Smoothly, pull your leg back downwards and up to the chest. Do this with your other leg as well!

Variation: you should try to lift your opposite from the ground and reach out in front. Next, raise the opposite leg from the ground and stretch it out behind you.



Stand up and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your legs at the knees in a slow manner. The arms need to be put straight out in front. You need to lower yourself so that you almost reach a sitting position. Your back needs to be straight all the time. From this sitting position, return to starting position.

Variations: for more intense exercise, try doing squats while holding a weight.

The 4 Week Plan

This plan is split in two parts. The first week includes all of the above mentioned exercises, and the second week includes various exercises in longer bursts.

Don’t forget to stretch, since stretching is critical in preventing injuries and maintaining the strength.

First Week

  • Stretch
  • Core exercises- 4 minutes total (2 minutes plank and 2 minutes general abs)
  • Upper body- 1 minute push ups
  • Lower body – 4 minutes total (2 minutes buttock exercises and 2 minutes squats)

You need to take a 20 seconds break following each category.

Second Week

First Set

  • Stretch
  • Basic abs- 3 minutes
  • Planks- 3 minutes
  • Push-ups- 3 minutes

Second Set

  • Stretch
  • Squats- 3 minutes
  • Buttock exercises- 3 minutes
  • Squat variation or buttock exercise- 3 minutes

Third Week

Repeat the first week.

Fourth Week

Repeat the second week.



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