Treatment of infections without antibiotics is almost unthinkable.  But did you know that the antibiotics are cure for certain infections, but on the other they can harm on your health. These are the side effects that can be caused by antibiotics:


The use of antibiotics increases the risk of overweight and obesity. Epidemiologist Dr. Martin Blaser says that the more you use the pills in thechildhood, the greater chance to have a problem with excess pounds later in the life



These pills can kill wide range of many bacteria, including Helicobacter. Although this bacterium is on the top of the list of the most undesirable, however, it has some surprising advantages. The most important thing is that it reduces the immunity and decreases the chances of getting asthma by 30 percents.

Stomach acids

Because of its composition, but also because of the elimination of Helicobacter, they can cause stomach acids.


Studies have shown that people who take antibiotics in the childhood are more likely to suffer from diabetes. The antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria in the intestines and thus disrupt the development of the immune system. As a result, the immune system mistakenly attacks the pancreas which leads to diabetes type 1.

Inflammatory intestinal disease

This disease can be very uncomfortable. Some Danish researchers found that children who suffer from inflammatory disease, took many antibiotics in the early years.


Frequent use of antibiotics can cause resistance to them and the infections that are resistant to all medications of this group. So, you have to be careful and moderate in the antibiotics use.

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