If you finally decided to drop the extra pounds, these ultimate tips will be a perfect way to get the desired goal without any effort and regimen. According to these fantastic rules, you will lose weight on a natural way without starving. The usage of the tips will not cause any side effect and will also balance the nutrients and calories in your body to maintain the standard level.

Drink water with lemon
Drink at least one glass of plain water with a little lemon in the morning when you are hungry. The exchange of substances in the body will speed up your metabolism and you will burn an additional 20 calories.

Smell vanilla
The smell of vanilla activates the hormones of happiness, almost like chocolate. You can put a few drops of extract on a handkerchief and breathe it. You can also put a scent of apple or banana.

Smoothie for breakfast
Make a smoothie that will consist of 0.2 pounds of raspberry, 0.5 lb of milk and a spoonful of honey. This is a real breakfast that will help you to burn calories and make you feel fresh and energized.


Spices instead of salt
When you are preparing a meal, use a lot of spices instead of salt. The salt keeps the water in the body and does not allow the discharge of toxins. Use a cinnamon instead of sugar.

Cinnamon kills hunger for sweets
Make a mixture of cinnamon and yogurt or take a gum flavored cinnamon.

Mustard instead of margarine
Eat mustard instead of margarine or butter. A teaspoon of mustard contains only 10 calories, where the butter or margarine have 40 calories.

Suppress the hunger
When you feel hungry, wait 20 minutes before you make a mistake and grab a greasy unhealthy food. When you will feel hungry late in the night, drink a glass of low-fat milk where the proteins will make you feel full.

Aroma trick
Remove no fat cheese from the fridge 30 minutes before eating. At room temperature the cheese will get intense flavor and aroma.

Cut out fatty foods
Prepare the meals without oil: make a mixture between fish, meat, vegetable, wrap them in aluminum foil and put them in the oven.


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