Since she suffered from severe pain in her hands, she decided to try natural medicine. Before a couple a years ago, doctors diagnosed arthritis caused by malnutrition and hard work so I decided so a try natural remedy because I am not a person who likes chemistry.

The most important thing is that I did. I also spoke with my doctor and he advised me to use apple cider vinegar and to be persistent. Before two months I started to use it and now I feel far better.

hands in ACV

 I had put my hands bowel with ACV before go to bed and I did relive tingling and pain in the hands that I had. I have used powerful natural remedy made of little honey, water and ACV. I advise everyone to try because I succeeded – explains Ana H. She got this disease because she was working as a typist for many years. Your everyday life and tasks are affected by this unpleasant joint pain.

All the people who suffer from this type of pain claim that you will only have temporarily improvement by the common medicine.

You can also reduce the symptoms and pain if you change your lifestyle and diet. You should definitely try apple cider vinegar if you really want to get rid of joint pain.

Healing Potion

Put 3 tbsp of ACV in some fruit juice or 300 ml of water. Consume the drink 3 times a day before every meal.


Mix 2 tbsp of ACV and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Apply the mixture on the affect parts of the body.


Make a mixture between 6 cups of water and a cup of ACV then soak your hands and feet. You can also apply the mixture on the affected parts of your body.

ACV is extremely powerful substance that removes the joint pain effectively and cleanses the body from toxins.

Try these remedies and tell your friends who have the same problem.
Source: Healthy Food Team

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