As a result of crystallization and uric acid build up in the joints, many people are affected by gout and joint pain. However, this unpleasant issue can be treated by some natural remedies.


Thanks to its alkalizing properties, cucumber juice removes uric acid from the joints and lowers your body temperature. It’s a sign that it is working and indication of the removal of toxins if you feel a slight pain while you drink it. You only have to add some ginger and celery and you will get the ideal combination against inflammation!


-        2 celery ribs

-        A slice of lemon

-        1 inch ginger root

-        1 cucumber


Clean, peel, chop, place all the ingredients in a blender and then mix well. Your anti-inflammatory drink is ready for consumption. Drink it every single day until you feel improvements.

Via Explore Healthy Food

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