A Chinese professor suggests that one should always have a needle in their house because it can save yours or somebody else’s life.
This is incredible and unusual way of saving someone’s life from a stroke. Read this article because you may need to this in order to save somebody’s life.

When somebody suffers from a stroke, the brain capillaries start to gradually tear. Rest and emergency first aid are required. Have a look at some useful tips which will help you save a life.

Stay calm. It doesn’t matter where the victim is; don’t relocate the patient because if you do so, the capillaries are going to burst thus causing brain bleed. The best option is if you have a syringe, but if not, the regular sewing needle will do just fine.


1. Sterilize the needle by holding it over a fire, a candle or a lighter and then prick the tops of all the 10 fingers.

2. You do not need precise acupuncture. Prick the fingers a few millimeters from the nails.

3. Do this so that the blood is able to flow.

4. If there are not blood drops, tighten and squeeze the finger so that the blood starts flowing.

5. Wait a couple of minutes after all fingers had begun to bleed and you will notice that he patient will return to life.

6. If the patient’s mouth is deformed, massage ther ears till they become red and blood is able to flow to them.

7. After that prick each soft part of the ear with the needle so that two drops of blood from each ear fall. Wait a few minutes and you’ll notice that the mouth will no longer be deformed.

You ought to wait till the victim comes to their normal state without showing any symptoms and then send them to hospital.

This technique of blood shedding in order to save a life is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is 100 % effective in saving people from stroke.

Source: www.healthtipsportal.com

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