Besides neck osteochondrosis is really serious disease, it is still treatable. Today we are going to present you an amazing medicinal mixture that will help to get rid of the pain for couple of years.

This combination should be used for massage. You will need unrefined vegetable oil and salt (sea salt) for the preparation of the mixture. 10 tbsp of salt and 20 tbsp of oil (olive oil or sunflower) are needed to prepare the sufficient amount for the whole treatment.

oil and salt remedy


Put the salt and the oil in a glass bottle and then close it tightly. You can use the combination after a few days.


Rub the mixture on the affected parts of the body by massaging. You should start with 2-3 minutes massage and try to prolong the massage for another 2-3 minutes every morning until you reach a long massage of 20 min. After you finish with the massage, place wet and warm towel on your neck.

Minor skin irritation can be caused by the treatment. So we will advise you to wipe the skin the skin dry towel and then apply baby powder on that part of the body.

The bone tissue and cartilage will be regenerated within 10 days as well as the muscle tissue is improved and blood circulation is stimulated.

This powerful remedy also improves the blood flow in your cervical spine, improves the vision and headaches disappear. This happens because of that the metabolism is normalized and due to toxin discharge.

It not usual, but you can feel dizziness and drowsiness during the treatment. The results of the powerful treatment are amazing.

Source: Sport On Line Group

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