According to the newest world studies, you have to run even once a week if you want to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases or death by 45 percent.

The US study included 55 000 adults in a period of 15 years where it tracked the running habits and health outcome. They made a comparison with non- runners where concluded that people who ran, had 30 percent drop in the risk of mortality and live three years younger. How far, how fast or how often the runners run, didn’t actually change the health benefits.

According to Dr. Lee D.C., professor at Iowa University, the mortality benefits of the active people were similar across the frequency, speed, distance, amount and running time.

This is excellent news for those who were scared because of the Diseases Centers that recommended 150 min of exercise per week which is 20 minutes per day. The study has shown that there is no big difference in the risk of mortality between those who ran at least 50 minutes per week and the major runners.


Running and all the cardiovascular activities improve the blood sugar and blood pressure. Results from the running got from the cardiorespiratory fitness are the tips why runners have longer life than non runners.

If you don’t tend to get any exercise or if you are not runner, you can start a daily walk for a few weeks to accustomed the body to movement (to prevent injury). You have to take a walk whenever you have free time. Running fast or hard is less important than your persistence. Don’t waste your time, buy running shoes and feel the difference in your life.


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