This powerful plant has been used for many years for its strong medicinal properties. It’s short-stemmed and thick plant with water in its leaves. The gel that is used in many beauty products is consisted is actually the water-filled tissue in the leaves. It is full of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that do wonders to your skin. These are the amazing health benefits that Aloe Vera has to offer:


1.It Accelerates the Healing of Burns

In the topical medicine, Aloe vera treats burns and sores (sunburns). According to the latest studies, this plant reduce the healing time of burns by 9 days, if we compared with the conventional medicine.

2.It Has Powerful Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties

Large amounts of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) are consisted in aloe vera. They inhibit the growth of bacteria that usually cause inflammation and infections.

3.It Lightens Blemishes and Reduces Acne

This plant is amazing remedy against acne scarring and acne. Its strong antibacterial properties reduce the inflammation that causes acne, reduce redness and prevent acne.

4.Prevents Wrinkles

According to many studies, the plant slows aging of the skin. It significantly improves the elasticity over 90 day period and increases the production of collagen.

5.Natural Moisturizer

Aloe is often used as a natural daily skin moisturizer. It’s extremely effective for both women and men. Aloe softens and cleanses the skin without clogging the pores.

Revitalizing Mask

While reducing redness and inflammation, this plant will give you a healthy glow and soften your skin. In order to revitalize your skin in short period of time, try this simple and effective Aloe vera mask.

1.Wash the Aloe – clean its leaves carefully

2.Soften the leaves – by simply pressing them

3.Cut them –  into small portions or in halves

4.Cut the edges – in order to peel more easily

5.Split the leaves – with a knife or your hands. Extract and pour the juice into a bowl, using a spoon.

6.Rub it on your face – apply the juice onto the face using your hands. Let it act for 20 min until it dries.

7.Wash – peel off the mask rinse off the face.

8.Pat Dry – dry the face using a clean towel and then enjoy in the glow of your skin. It will be revitalized, healthy and soft!

Source: Healthy World Recipes

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