People in the far East have used many healing techniques such as massage therapies, reflexology and acupuncture in order to treat stress, trauma, pain and various diseases.

In the last few years, these techniques became especially popular in Europe and America. Jin Shin Jyutsu represents ancient technique of balancing bodily functions and life energy and it is believed to cure anxiety, sciatica, depression, PTSD, neck and back pain.


It actually involves pulling/or pressing of every finger on your hand.

In the early 50’s the Asian-American, Mary Burmeister, was the first person who practiced this technique in America, where she leant it from the specialist in this technique- Jiro Murai.

Each finger has s different role so pay attention to every single finger. This technique is absolutely beneficial for both men and women and is also ideal for children as well.

Jin Shin Jyutsu will help you get rid of the fear, anger, grief, depression, anxiety and all negative emotions in just one minute.

Take a look at the video below:

Via healthy Food House

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