Belly fat could be very stubborn and difficult area of the body to burn off. Usually, it’s the 1st thing that people are noticing when they are watching you. It’s very important to eliminate your belly fat because this is a dangerous area of the body have fat.

Many exercises can help the reduction of belly fat, amongst them yoga is the one of the most efficient ones and plus everyone can practice it. However, you should remember that to get rid of belly fat, you need pay attention to your  nutrition too, because it comprises70 percent of the result.

Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat & Flatten Your Belly With These 5 Yoga Poses!

Here are 5 incredible yoga poses that you need to practice daily to get great results:

(Bhujang asana) – Cobra pose

This pose is perfect posture for reducing the belly pooch and strengthening the muscles in the abdomen. This pose is strengthening the abdomen, the back and the entire upper body. Also, it will make your spine much flexible and stronger.


-First, lie down on the belly with the legs stretched.

-Put your palms under your shoulder.

-Then, chin on floor with all your toes.

-After that, slowly raise the chest up while you are inhaling, and start to bend backwards as much as it’s possible.

-Hold this pose for 10 to 30 seconds, depending on how much you’re able to hold this pose.

-Exhale and slowly bring the whole body to a prone position.

- You should repeat this at least five times with pauses of about 15 seconds after every round.

-Do not do this pose/exercise if you are having a back injury, hernia, and ulcer or in case of pregnancy.

 (Dhanurasana) – Bow pose

The bow pose is great for strengthening your abdominal core.


-First lie down on the belly in a prone position, your legs should be stretched together and your arms should be placed on the both sides of the body.

-Bend your knees, reach the arm to your feet’s ankles and hold it.

-While inhaling lift the head and then bend backwards. Lift the legs high as much as you can.

-Hold this position for about 15 to 30 seconds. While you do this you should breathe normally.

-Then, while exhaling, slowly bring the body to a prone position.

-You should repeat this at least five times with pauses of about 15 secs after every round.

(Naukasana) – Boat pose

This pose is amazing for eliminating fat around your waist and is perfect for strengthening the stomach, the leg muscles and the back.


-First, lie down on mat in a supine position with the both legs stretched and arms to the sides facing down.

-While inhaling, start to raise the legs without bending on your knees.

-After that, stretch the foot and the toes outwards.

-Then, raise the arms straight and attempt to reach the toes.

-Try to bring the body close to angle of 45 degrees.

-Hold the pose for about 15 seconds.

-Slowly exhale as you are releasing.

-Do this for five rounds with relaxing for 15 seconds after every round. 

(Kumbhakasana) – Plank

It’s very simple and very effective yoga pose for eliminating the belly fat. And it doesn’t just reduces the belly but it also strengthens and tones the arms, back, thighs, shoulders and buttocks.


-Start on the knees and hands rest directly underneath your shoulders and the knees under your hips.

-Tug the toes underneath and step your feet back one at the time, extending the legs behind you.

-While inhaling, look very slightly ahead or the palms so the neck is bring into line with the spine.

-Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds or little bit longer for best results.

-Release from this pose with dropping your knees on the floor while exhaling.

-If you are suffering shoulder or back injuries, or high blood pressure then you shouldn’t do this exercise/pose.

-Repeat it for five rounds with pause of 15 seconds after every round.

(Pavanamukthasana) – Wind relieving pose

The wind relieving pose is massaging the colon, regulating the acid levels of the stomach, curing constipation and improving the metabolism, relieving the lower pain of the back, firming and toning the abdominal muscles, the hips and the thighs.


-First, lie down in a ‘supine’ position with the arms both side of the body and the feet stretched out, and the heels touching together.

-Bend the knees and while exhaling, slowly bring your bent knees to the chest, while the thighs apply pressure on your abdomen.

-Hold your knees properly in position by clasping the hands under the thighs.

-Hold this position for about sixty to ninety seconds, while you breathe deeply.

-Then, exhale gently while releasing the knees. Bring the hands on both side of the body, palms fronting the ground.

-Do this for about five rounds with relaxing for 15 seconds after every round.

-Do these poses each day or three to five times, three days per week, with 1 day off in between.

-In order to boost the metabolism, do these series of poses each morning.

Be aware:

Not every exercise is suitable for every person. Don’t practice these exercises/poses in case of pregnancy, surgery, leg or back injury, etc. If you’re feeling pain, dizziness or discomfort do not continue.


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