Tomatoes, strawberries and red meat that represent the red diet … provide the body with a lot of energy and will refresh the spirit.

What kind of type are you?

Are you prone to overweight, you suffer from fluid retention that causes swelling, particularly in the high waist. Your slow metabolism and circulation disorder causes cellulite. You don’t have enough confidence in yourselves and you are afraid of strong feelings.

Good effect of the red color!

Red is a stimulating color, gives energy and relieves sadness and depression. Moreover, improves circulation.


Diet !

Concentrate on red-orange products like tomatoes, red meat, strawberries, oranges, pumpkins, carrots, papaya, melons, cherries and sour cherries. Avoid fried foods, milk and cheese, alcohol, coffee and mild.

Every day Breakfast: a cup of herbal tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt, 200 g fruit salad of strawberries, 50 g integral toast.

Snack: a glass of grapefruit juice with pepper, salt and a bit of pure olive oil.


Day 1

Lunch: 200 ml juice of currants and raspberries, mixed fruit bowl 2 oranges, 8 strawberries, 10 raspberries; 200 ml fresh orange juice.

Dinner: soup of mushrooms and pumpkins, a big carrot salad, pieces of red cabbage cooked on steam, small tomatoes, pieces of turnips, half a red pepper, two radish, spiced with a teaspoon pure olive oil and a little salt.

Day 2

Lunch: 1 orange and 1/4 clove lettuce, seasoned with a teaspoon of pure olive oil, salt and  few sesame seeds.

Dinner: Cream of tomatoes with a little basil; grilled shrimp on a plate, seasoned with juice and pieces of orange and lemon and a teaspoon of soy sauce.

Day 3

Lunch: bowl of mixed citrus (orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon juice);

Dinner: bowl of the mix of roots of white celery, carrot, small tomatoes, five strawberries and handful of raspberries; black rice with tomatoes.


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