The one with less breast cancer in the world are the women in Japan. The main reason for this is their thin line.

According to the results of Norwegian study, people who consume 3 glasses of milk per day have two times more increased risk of developing breasts cancer compared with those who consume just a half cup or less.


Unfortunately, we are all aware that the number of people who suffer from breast cancer is increasing. It turns out that the milk could be the cause of the extended danger of this disease, if we think about a whole range of factors.

At first, people just suspected that the consumption of milk just accelerates the development of cancer, yet the Norwegian study explained and proved that it is the great reason for its appearing in the first place.

The most examples of breast cancer are known in Britain, Canada, Finland, Sweden and United States. Especially in these nations, milk takes top position. Breast cancer does not exist at nations where animal milk is not been used. As we already mentioned above, women who consume 3 cups of milk per day have greater chances of developing breast cancer compared with those who consume just a half or less.

Growth factors, synthetic additions of vitamin D and hormones in milk are carcinogenic factors.

However, these are not the only reasons for breast cancer. Some sort of meat, pastries, sugar, white flour and gluten are also great reasons for the disease. On the contrary, we have decreased consumption of raw vegetables and fish.

We also have increased risk of breast cancer for about 20% if you wear a bra no less than 12 hours per day. It alludes to bras which contain metal or plastic components.

Source: Health 4 Us Pro

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