When it comes to treating pain Western medicine is less more efficient than alternative medicine. To relieve any ailment or symptoms, it would be pretty wise to combine alternative and Western medicine.

Do you know what does reflexology mean? It guarantees great effects by involving alternative treatment. Reflexology represents application of appropriate pressure to specific areas and points on the ears, hands and feet. The parts in the body that cause pain are connected to these points.


You will definitely get the results you expect by pressing a proper part (point) on the thumb for 5 sec, then releasing the pressure for 3 sec and pressing it again, and in the end you are repeating the whole procedure for a few minutes. You should repeat the whole procedure several times per day for optimal results.

You can learn more about the other types of methodology in the video below. The idea that our hands and feet a sort of microcosm of the bodies is introduced by famous reflexologist in the video.

5 people who were feeling pain from the audience were invited. The reflexologist helped them to connect these parts to particular places (points) in their palms. She also presented how can make pain disappear by applying different forms of massage and pressure to certain points of the palms.

The people from the audience were bothered with these ailments:

-         Poor sex drive

-         Upper back pain

-         Congested sinuses

-         Exhaustion and insomnia

-         Bloating and constipation

She showed the participants how should they feel while stimulating the points. You will definitely try some of the methods from the video so tell us what do you think about alternative treatments and please share your experience. Are you ready to experience an immediate relief?

Source: Health And Healthy Living

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