If you want to get the maximum from your body – you have to consume pre and post workout nutrition:

How often have you thought about what exactly to consume before training? And whether it is right food that will fill your body with energy before you start exercising? There are foods that will take your energy and instead of making an effective sports series, you will be ready to go to bed immediately.

Here are a few foods that you should eat before and after training to get the maximum from the body:

If you do not have a proper diet, you’ll go hungry in the gym and you won’t have enough energy to exercise properly. If you train for long periods without eating, you’ll be limited in burning the calories. In addition, if the muscles do not fill their energy reserves, they can’t be rebuild properly.

pre and post workout nutrition

What should I eat before training?

Right before you train, the last thing you have to eat is food full of fat. These “fuels” require longer digesting and take the oxygen to ensure the blood flow in the stomach instead the muscles. These foods are having higher risk of abdominal pain during the workout. But if you don’t eat at all, you risk because the body is under stress.

You have to consume food two hours before training, where you will intake protein or between 300 and 500 calories that consist mainly of carbohydrates.

You can consume one cup oatmeal with protein, whole grain breakfast or corn bread. Before the training, you can consume protein from fruit like an apple or a banana.

If you do not have time to eat two hours before training, drink one dose of protein or eat grains about 50-100 calories, 5-10 minutes before you start exercising.

What should I eat while exercising?

If you must eat during a workout (according to many researches, people can play sports without food for about 60 minutes,) you can consume carbohydrates – a handful of raisins, fruit, energy bar or sports drinks, so you can stay active.

If you intend to exercise less than one hour – you don’t need to eat, but simply hydrating the body with water.

What to eat after training?

It is good to have a break of 20-60 minutes once you trained up, but no more. Food is necessary for your body to use as fuel for energy recovery.

The ideal post-workout food is a mixture of carbohydrates and protein. If you weigh 140 pounds, you have to eat 300 calories of carbohydrates and 150 of protein.

Example:  roast chicken with brown rice or potatoes or protein shake with banana.

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