The cruel and the strict beauty standards don’t include or allow obesity, actually they consider it as an enemy. However, today obesity isn’t only a “beauty” problem, because it can also harm or endanger your overall health.

The following photos are from 2 different bodies of women who are at same height and age, and they are recorded with a thermographic scanner. On the second picture the women is well built, while on the first picture the woman is overweight.

The first women weighs fifty four kilos (120 pounds), and the other one hundred and thirteen kilos (250 pounds).

As you can see, the vital organs of the woman on the first picture, for e.g. her lungs and heart, are overly compressed, and because of that they can’t function properly. Being overweight is a great risk to your health and as soon as you acknowledge that the better. Obesity can cause heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. These are some of the deadliest diseases of the modern time.

This Terrifying Photo Will Make You Lose Weight!

So don’t wait and start to lose you excess weight, but be careful, not every diet or weight loss program is a good program. So that’s why you should find a proper diet and include some activity or sport in your lifestyle and the results will come.

You should always keep this photo in mind when you go near your kitchen and fridge.

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