A number of people dig up this plant from their gardens because they think it is a problem. However, it has a number of health benefits and it is very popular in a number of cuisines throughout the world.

Purslane or Portulaca Olercea has fleshy juicy leaves and stems that have yellow flowers and it is very flexible since it can grow in a fertile soil or even in the poorest arid areas and can even grow on a rocky driveway. This is the reason it is recognized as simply a weed. The hardiness of this plan is shown by the fact that its seed can stay usable, buried in the soil in the interval of 40 years.

This plant originates from India and Persia, but nowadays it can be found throughout the world and it is now considers to have a number of health benefits.

According to studies it is high in beneficial antioxidants and contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. This oil is more suitable than some fish oils since vegetarians and vegans can also consume it.


Antioxidants are very beneficial for our health since it helps against memory loss, cancer, atherosclerosis, heart disease and boosts the immune system as well.

Omega-3 fatty acids are potent anti-inflammatory and they play a crucial role in reducing depression, heart disease, asthma, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
This plant is also a really rich source of vitamin A and it offers protection against some cancer types and improves eye health. One serving of Purlsane (100 g) can provide the necessary amount of daily intake of vitamin A.

It is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, B-complex including niacin, carotenoids, and pyridoxine and vitamin C.

It loses its nutritional values after being harvested. If your garden is not big enough or if you think that purslane will take over your whole garden, you can grow it inside as a micro-green. You only need a container, potting soil, some organic purslane seeds and a window sill which is sunny. Plant the seeds, water it regularly and watch as the purslane grows.

This plant is sold in bundles and used in a number of dishes in the Middle East. It is believed to be a cooling food in places with hot climate. It is also widely used in a number of Mediterranean dishes. You can cook it with tomatoes, garlic, and onions and you can prepare yourself a salad with lemon juice and olive oil. You can add it to your smoothies as well and benefit from its powerful health benefits.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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