A group of Canadian researchers and scientists started looking at the properties of dandelion when an oncologist came across something really interesting with some cancer patients back in 2009.

Pamela Ovadje is the eminent post-doctoral from the University of Windsor who researched the properties of dandelion and extracts from similar herbs.


According to Ovadje,

According to the research that was conducted by this University, people who took dandelion root tea had significant improvements and felt far more better after the consumption of this tea.

Ovadje was really suspicious at first because these herbs are almost everywhere.

The scientists have proved that dandelion is extremely effective herb and the outcome of the research was more than amazing.

This project included evaluation of the effects of a simple water extract of dandelion in different human cancer cell kinds such as colon cancer cells, pancreatic, chronic myelonomocytic leukemia and non cancer cells. Furthermore, this research was also confirmed in animal models with human colon cancer cells.

The dandelion human root was actually approved for human trial in February 2015 and it is in Stage 1 trial for end-stage blood associated cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

According to the professor of biochemistry and chemistry from Windsor University Dr. Siyaram Pandey, this root has an extremely good potential to destroy cancer cells completely!


Dandelion extract causes cancer cell to go through apoptosis (the cancer cells commit suicide) without killing the healthy cells.

This extract can be the future of cancer treatment. You should also know that dandelion extract is much higher than the one which is currently available.

This extract is far more better than chemotherapy where the drugs destroy 1 healthy for every 5-10 cancer cells.

In order to be more informed, watch the video below where Dr. Siyaram Pandey explains how this root causes the death of cancer cells within 24 hours.






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