The fact that I have Alzheimer’s and Dementia running in my family only makes my fear of this mental illnesses bigger. My grandfather suffered from dementia for about ten years, until his death in August. This fear of mine is what made me learn a few things about these herbs. To be more precise, according to scientists, rosemary and lavender can significantly impact a person’s memory and mood. Nevertheless, these herbs can impact memory in two different ways.


Lavandula (lavender) belongs to the mint family, lamiaceae. It origins from the old world and it can be found everywhere around the world. Lavandula angustifolia is the specie which is mostly cultivated and it is commonly known as lavender. There is a color which has got its name from this specie.


Rosmarinus officinalis or rosemary is a perennial, woody herb which has blue, purple, pink or white flowers and whose leaves are needle-like. This herb originates from the Mediterranean region, and it belongs to the Lamiaceae mint family as well.

Rosemary is used for cooking and it provides everything with a strong flavor which is rose-like.

What is the Problem?

Researchers at the Northumbria University conducted a study and they smelled the aromas of lavender and rosemary. They concluded that these aromas impacted the memory in people older than 65. The scent of lavender impaired memory, while the scent of rosemary enhanced it.

The Study

This study included 150 individuals of excellent health, all aged 65 and older. The participants were placed in chambers that had been formerly scented with rosemary or lavender essential oils. Next, these people had their mood and memory assessed.

Those people from the lavender room showed increased contentedness and calmness, but their capacity to remember to do something had reduced.

On the contrary, those people from the rosemary room showed increased prospective memory and their test results were 15 percent higher in comparison to those from the no aroma room.

According to researchers, the effects that these herbs have are good for the health of humans, especially for the older ones. If an elder person is quite healthy, then this research implies that there is a chance of improved memory. These researchers also discovered that gingko biloba, lemon balm, ginseng and sage also positively affect mental performance.


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