Many people fight with obesity nowadays.  Obesity has become very huge problem, since people frequently turn to fast food and do not have enough time for exercises.

Also, there are people that have been skinny their whole life and rapidly have put lots of weight and they cannot get used to exercising and dieting.

You should make your own rules and follow them if you really want to lose weight. Sarah de Armond is 27 years old girl who has never been satisfied with the weight and she hated the fact that she was so skinny.

When she went to college, from skinny girl, Sarah became girl who weighs around 200 pounds. Sarah started to suffer from high blood pressure, she was tired all the time and could even barely walk. Then, Sarah realized that the obesity could kill her and deiced that she really wants to live.

No Exercises, No Diet: Here Is How This Woman Lost 80 Pounds The Natural Way!

Sarah could not stick to any diet, so she made up her own three rules to aid her lose weight:

Physical Activity Does Not Have to be so Difficult

She bought stationary bike, so she would not have any excuses of the weather outside is bad. To ride stationary bike soon become her habit and Sarah enjoyed doing that while she was listening to her favorite music.

Shopping for Groceries

Sarah started to make a list of stuffs she needed to buy each time before she was going to grocery stores. To make a list and stick to it will prevent you not to buy any things that you do not actually need. Especially, avoid to buy sweets and snacks!

Food Preparation

Replace the meat with fish. It is more delicious and healthy. Always put veggies as a side dish to the meals.

The weight loss process may be slow but it is very effective. Sarah lost around 80 pounds and now she is 120 pounds. The results of this method will be visible in only 1 month.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before.


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