When you eat out, you always have to ask the waiter for water with no ice!!! Maybe he will look at you like you are crazy, but in the following text bellow, I’ll explain why you should not drink iced water?

Imagine the following:

When the temperature of the air is warm, but the temperature of the water in the swimming pool is cold, close your eyes and dive in.

What will your skin and body do? Are you constricted and tight or you are relaxed and open?

The warm water causes looser skin because it opens your pores, while the cold water tightens your skin because it closes the pores. The consumption of ice water does the same effect to your digestive tract!

iced water

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Cold Water?

-The consumption of cold drink, shrinks the blood vessels, restricts your digestion and hinders the hydration.

-The body spends energy to regulate the temperature instead of digesting and absorbing the nutrients from the food to create energy. It often leads to water loss.

-The intake of cold water after the meal creates excess mucus which decreases the immune system.

-If you drink cold water while you eating, it’s hard to digest the fat because the water solidify the fat.

Some people think that the consumption of cold water burns calories, but your digestive tract has to work harder. There are many different ways to remove the excess pounds form the body.

Why is Healthy to Drink Warm Water?

These are the benefits if the consumption of warmer water

-Increased hydration

-It stimulates the digestive enzymes and enhances the digestion.

-It digests the food easily

-It’s good for your bowels (warm lemon water in the morning is great choice and solution)

-It detoxifies the lymphatic system, kidneys and skin and also purifies your blood

Once you start drinking water at room’s temperature, you will immediately feel the differences in your body. It will also reduce the sugar carvings and improve your digestion like never before.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body – It’s the only place you have to live.

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