Freckles appear the most when you go out in the sun and fade when the weather gets colder and less sunny. They are typical on people with fair skin and who have extra of the melanin pigment that is produced when the skin is exposed to the sun. The UV radiation from the sun damages your skin cells and in order to protect themselves, some of them produce this pigment. Those skin cells are called melanocytes and most people have them evenly spread throughout the body, but people with freckles usually have cluster of them. These clusters are the reason for the appearance of freckles.

Natural Home Facial Masks To Get Rid of Age Spots and Freckles in In No Time!

If you are not a fan of your freckles, there are some homemade face masks you should try.

Papaya mask: This fruit is full of antioxidants, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids),  vitamins and the enzyme papain. Papaya is an effective means of lightening of the skin and reducing the freckles, and also it exfoliates the skin and reduces wrinkles. The active enzyme papain is most present in unripe fruits which is why many of the recipes need unripe papaya. This recipe requires half of an unripe papaya fruit, peeled and seeded, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Put the ingredients in a blender until they become a homogenous paste. Apply it on your face but make sure it does not get into your eyes. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water. Do not leave it more than the denoted time since the acids may dehydrate your face.

Citrus exfoliation mask: The acids in lemons are one of the best solutions for removing freckles and dark patches of skin and they also make your skin tone more even. Instead of lemons you can also use oranges and limes. The ingredients you will need for this mixture are half a citrus fruit (lemon, lime or orange) and half a cup of plain yoghurt. Mix in the citrus juice into the yoghurt and apply the mixture with a cotton pad or a swap on your face (or just the spots you need to treat). If you have any cuts or open wounds the citrus juice may cause stinging. After 15-20 minutes wash off with water. As it was the case with the papaya, the citrus juice may also dehydrate your skin, so make sure you do not apply it very often and for long. The best choice is about two or three times a week.

Sour cream mask:  This dairy product has lactic acid that inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for producing pigments in the skin, one of which is melanin. The inhibition of this enzyme the appearance of freckles and other dark spots is reduced and the skin appears brighter and more toned. All you need is half a cup of sour cream which you apply on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Later wipe it off with a napkin.

* Note: Make sure you don’t mix up freckles with moles. Moles are flat or raised dark pigmented cluster of black cells that may appear on your body. Do not apply these products on moles, at least not before you consult a dermatologist about them.

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