Headache is the most common problem of the modern man which is caused by fatigue, stress and congestion of the body. Many have the habit to reduce the unsustainable pressure in the head with aspirin .

The main ingredient of this saving tablet is salicin, which soothes the pain, and is located in the famous nuts. One handful with almonds is a natural aspirin, has a longer lasting effect and no side effects.

The headache usually occurs in the back of the head and is causing a weaker concentration, irritability and fatigue. Given that the headache is usually triggered by stress, anxiety, flu, colds, sinusitis and digestive difficulties, experts treat this phenomenon as a symptom and not as a disease.


Sometimes the cure for headache is looked at alternative methods like meditation, drinking water, relaxation and food. For example the aspirin, the most common pain remover, can be replaced with one handful with almonds.

Salicin is an anti inflammatory ingredient which the almonds have in large quantities, and considering the effectiveness, many call it natural aspirin. In addition, the almonds also contain magnesium in a large amount, which is very important for blood circulation and nutrients that help the body to relax and reduce irritability.

One hand or almonds 10-12 pieces a day reduces stress and prevents headaches, and the fruit can be eaten raw .

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