Do you know that bay leaves have been known as a sacred and religious plant by the ancient Romans and Greeks? These leaves have been also used as alternative medicine for many years. Most of the people have heard about the following: the winner of the Olympaid wore laurel wreath on the head which symbolizes glory and honor. This actually means how much this herb was actually important in the ancient times.

bay leaves

Note: This powerful herb is mostly used as a spice. The beneficial effects of this herb have been known for centuries. Cineol and Pinene are the two most effective compounds in bay leaves. It is also rich in essential oils with powerful soothing properties.

Many different legends and myths described the amazing effects of the bay leaves. We must emphasize that the essential oils in these miracle leaves have a strong soothing effect on your mind and body when burn them.

You only have to light a bay leaf in an ashtray and let it burn for 10 min in order to lower the stress and anxiety. This room will be flied with different fragrances that will react soothing and relaxing to all your family.

Flatulence, ahem, colic pain, stomach ulcers are some of the issues that can be treated with the infusions of bay leaves parts. They can also be used in the fight against flu, cold, muscle pain, arthritis and natural insect repellants. There are many reasons why these majestic leaves have been one of the most used and treasured herbs in the world, even used in the form of laurel wreaths.

Bottom Line – Bay leaves are extremely rich in antioxidant, sedative, diuretic, antiseptic and anti-rheumatic properties. Stomach flu, neurasthenia, hysteria and improvement of the mood can be also achieved by this plant.

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Source: Healthy Life Fusion

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