Fluoride is one of the biggest enemies and main issue of discussion in the whole World. People are becoming more and more demanding in discovering the real damage fluoride can do after alerting the general population about its side effects.

Public water products have large amounts of fluoride in its content which can really harm your health. Many studies have proved that fluoride is not beneficial for the dental care, besides many claim that fluoride is healthy for the dental health.


 However, the studies stated that fluoride harms dental well-being of the people and negatively impacts the nervous system instead of improving it.

It is absolutely clear that fluoride explosion is more usual than we might think as much we try to avoid it. These are the reasons that we should really pay attention to the type of water we consume and also look for zero fluoride beverages.

Today we will present you the health risks that this chemical may cause:

Side Effects of Fluoride

The most common and the most threatening health risk is fluorosis. It represents a issue of malformation and full teeth decay.

When the teeth are most prone to formation and growth, in the first eight years of a person’s life, this unpleasant condition generally develops.

Teeth stains of different color and size (brown and yellow) teeth cavities and decay are the signs for this health issue, as well as distorted development and tooth growth.

IQ retardation and cognitive issues in children are symptoms that can also occur.

The latest study has shown that children who consume fluoride show IQ records unlike kids who have not consumed this chemical as much.

Body toxicity and certain brain disorders can be also caused by consuming fluoride rich products.

The combine harm on a population scale can be extremely serious, despite the effect of each chemical (mercury, fluoride) may seem small.

These are the brands of water that contain little to zero fluoride content:

  • Appco
  • American star
  • America fare
  • Alpine
  • Albertsons
  • A better Water
  • Badger Water
  • Augusta Medical-Daniels
  • Artesian Wells
  • Aqua Von
  • Aqua System
  • Aquafina Water
  • Arlington Springs
  • Arbor Springs
  • Aquarius Natural Mineral Water
  • Aqua Pure
  • Aqua Panna
  • Aqua Fresca
  • CAPA
  • Callaway Blue
  • Calistoga
  • Buches
  • Bountyland
  • Boney’s
  • Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
  • Black Berry Farms
  • Bui-2
  • BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water
  • Cascade
  • Cohutta Mountain Spring Water
  • Cold Country
  • Coach
  • Clover Company Limited
  • Clear Mountain Spring Water
  • Clearly Arctic
  • Classic Selection
  • Citi Stop
  • Chippewa Spring Water
  • Chemung
  • Century Springs
  • Cascade
  • Deep Rock
  • Dannon
  • Dakota Splash
  • Culligan Water
  • Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water
  • Crystal Ridge
  • Crystal Mountain Spring Water
  • Cruel Jacks Spring Water
  • Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water
  • Crowne Plaza Drinking Water
  • Cowboy Squeeze
  • E Water
  • Evian
  • Eureka
  • Essentia Water
  • Equatorial Natural Mineral Water
  • Elite
  • Eco Quest
  • East Phils
  • Desert Qunech
  • Deja Blue
  • Deep Rock Fontenelle
  • Family Pantry
  • Glen Summit Springs Water
  • Glacier Bay
  • Get-N-Go
  • Fresh Market
  • Fresh Brands Drinking Water
  • Fresh Brands Distilled Water
  • Fresh Brands Artesian
  • Founders Square Bank
  • Food Club
  • Flowing Springs
  • Famous Ramona Water
  • Hillcrest Spring Water
  • Hillcrest Distilled Water
  • Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
  • Henry’s
  •  H2O4U
  • Harvey’s
  • Great Value
  • Great Bear
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Glenwood Inglewood
  • Glen Summit Distilled Water
  • Joe Muggs
  • Istana Natural Mineral Water
  • Inland
  • Ice Jam
  • Hon Less Natural Mineral Water
  • Hog Wash
  • Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water
  • Hi-Sprint Drinking Water
  • HINT
  • Hinckley Springs
  • Hilton Pj natural Mineral Water
  • Martins
  • Lowe’s
  • Logansport Savings Bank
  • Leroy Jenkins Ministries
  • Laure
  • Krystal J Distilled Water
  • Zodiac
  • Whole Food 365
  • Valutime

You can prevent grave health issues and preserve your health because there are many no-fluoride waters.

Below, we will also present you bottled waters – full of waters

  • Zephyrhills
  • Sparkletts
  • Sierra springs
  • Shenandoah
  • Puritan springs
  • Pure Flo
  • Poland springs
  • Ozarka
  • Nursery Water
  • Mount Olympus
  • Mayer Bros.
  • Kentwood Springs
  • Ice Mountain
  • HIndley Spri
  • Diamond Springs
  • Deer Park
  • Crystal Springs
  • Crystal Rock
  • Belmont Springs
  • Arrowhead
  • Alhambra

You should avoid these brands in order to stay sound and clear of fluoride linked disease. Evade malicious illnesses with success and make the right choice.

Source: Healthy Food House

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