The presence of water in vegetables is very important because it hydrates the body. The consumption of vegetables help us to lose weight. Different kinds of vegetables belonging to different categories: some of them saturate rapidly, some have too much water, and some have negative calories.

According to recent research, if your meals include mixed vegetables, you will get 11% less calories per day. This means that regular consumption of salads will help you to get rid of excess pounds. Vegetables could be consumed fresh, roasted vegetable and as a vegetable soup.

Vegetables are one of the best fat burners. They are very important to the health and vitality of the people. Despite the help to stay fit, you will improve your immunity and cleanse the body of toxins.


According to several researches, after three months consuming a big bowl of salad with lunch and dinner, people lost 2 to 8 pounds. Although they followed their normal diet, more people were saturated of salads and ate less fatty foods.

Eating salad significantly helps in the process of weight loss. However, this rule does not apply if you every day consume greasy food, because all greasy meals are very caloric and often exceed the allowable daily calorie intake.

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