Those who found themselves more often in their domestic kitchen know they don’t have to spend much money to get a “miraculous” drink. Sometimes you need to just make the right combination, in other words to mix the right ingredients and you’ll get excellent result.

Here is one such recipe for a drink that consists products that we often have in the kitchen and are very easy to find, almost in every food store. It is a drink that you’ll make from fruit like bananas, pears and oranges, which will provide the necessary nutrients for your body and which is rich with healthy fibers.  This green drink is a pure health and you should make it and consume it regularly.

Ingredients :

- ½ cup water
- 1 orange, peeled and halved
- 1 cup of green grapes
- ½ ripe pear, without seeds
- 1 medium banana, cut on half
- 1 cup kale
- 2 cups ice cubes

delicious green smoothie

Preparation :

1. You should place all ingredients in a blender according to the specified schedule

2. Start with the lowest speed and slowly accelerate the speed  

3. Mix it for 45 minutes, or until the desired consistency.

Nutritional value of 1 cup !

102 calories, 0 g fat, 0 year Protected fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 10 mg sodium, 26 g carbohydrates, 3 g dietary fibers, 16 g of sugar and 2 g of protein.

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