Because of the specific way of life and the fact that their fees somewhat depend on their physical appearance, some celebrities often use some rigorous diets, in order to quickly lose more pounds.

We will present you one of the many diets that the celebrities use, but we advise you, before you decide to apply any of this diets, to consult with a doctor.

With the help of this diet the celebrities  lose 10 pounds in a week.

The secret of this “fabulous” diet is that the food you consume cleanses the body and gives less calories than you spend. However, experts recommend supplementation of multivitamins, vitamin B and vitamin C during the diet.


1. Day – Fruit. Eat any fruit except bananas.

2.Day – Vegetables. Eat mostly fresh . Avoid peas, beans and corn. You can eat for egg. baked potato with butter.

3. Day – Fruits and vegetables. Eat like the first two days, but this time with no potatoes on the menu.


4. Day – Bananas and milk. The fourth day of the diet you’re allowed to eat eight bananas and drink eight glasses of milk with reduced fat, and can opt for a “light” yogurt. Although bananas contain many calories they are needed to compensate for calcium and protein, and to satisfy the desire for sweet.

5. Day – Chicken / turkey. The fifth day you’re allowed to eat chicken and turkey meat and six tomatoes throughout the day. Try to drink a glass of water after every tomato eaten.

6. Day – Meat + Vegetables. From meat you can  eat only chicken or turkey with any vegetable except potato.

7. Day – Magic stew. For this soup you will need: tomatoes, 6 onions, 1 large clove cabbage, 1 bundle celery ,1 bag of soup of onions.

Dice the vegetables and place them in the water. Season them according to your taste. Boil them together for about ten minutes, then add the soup from the cupboard. The soup will be ready when the vegetables soften completely.

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