Many people forget to take care of the feet besides they take care of the entire body. Cracked and dry feet are extremely unpleasant and unattractive and they could often cause pain. They seek a proper treatment and are of high importance for the rest of your body.

The feet are actually subjected to great weight and pressure throughout the day so they are damaged and too tired. Today we will present you the easiest and most effective way to provide special care to your feet.

You will forget about expensive pedicures and you will get even better results with this completely inexpensive procedure.

The procedure will eliminate all dead skin, treat and relax your skin and prepare your feet for your new scandals.


Place 2-4 cups if milk in a pot, warm it up, pour it in a plastic bath and then dip your feet in it. Let the feet stay for 10 min and afterwards add some baking soda and mix well.

Wash your feet in the end and apply foot cream on the feet.

You will be amazed of the results!

Source: Your Stylish life

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