The latest study has shown that cocoa slows down aging, rejuvenates the skin and improves the memory (brain function).

Scientists believe that flavanols (antioxidants) found in the cocoa can improve the memory of older people. This study was conducted by Medical Center of Columbia University in New York. The general purpose of the study was to research the impact of cocoa in the weight loss process and memory improvement. Older people often forget minor things which can be solved with some dietary changes.


This study included 37 volunteers aged 50 to 69 years. They were divided in two groups, where the first one drank beverages with high amounts of flavanols (900 mg), and the second one drank drinks with small amounts of flavanols (10 mg).

After three months, the group that was drinking larger amounts of flavanols had far better visual memory and better memory in general.

People who were included in the study, at the beginning had memory which is typical for 60 years old, but at the end of the study had memory which is typical for individuals between 30 and 40 years, said Dr. Scott Amol, author of the study.

The experts recommend drinking of cocoa in order to improve the memory. However, this study didn’t deal with the influence of cocoa on dementia.

This study shows the beneficial effects from cocoa flavanols on memory during a short period of time. It should be made further study which will research the effects of cocoa in a long-term.

Then we will be sure whether the food rich in flavanols can significantly improve the memory for those who are in old age “- said Dr Simon Ridley of the Center for Research on Alzheimer’s disease in the UK.

The recommended daily consumption of cocoa is 2 cups.


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