You should take the proper nutrients in order to keep your body healthy. Try consuming the following miraculous drink of water, baking soda, lemons and parsley. This simple but extremely effective powerful beverage will decrease your cholesterol levels and burn the excess pounds. Once you begin drinking this mixture, you will notice the results in no time.



-         2 liters of water

-         Some baking soda

-         2 small bundles of parsley

-         3 lemons


Baking soda will ensure you that the bacteria and pesticides from the lemon’s peel are totally removed so wash them off. Let them soak in bigger bowl of baking soda and warm water for 1h. On this way the nutrients from the soda will soak into the lemons. Chop the parsley and lemons and add them to the water. Keep the peels of the lemons and make sure to wash the parsley first.

Into 2 liters of purifies water add the chopped parsley and lemons and then bring in to a boil. Half of the water should be evaporated by cooking the ingredients on low heat for 3h. Strain the mixture and store it in the fridge in a pitcher, jar or glass bottle.

Before you take the first dose of the miraculous drink, it should stay in the fridge for one night. For best and fast results, consume 2 ounces in the morning, 30 min before breakfast.


This herb is rich in flavanoids, Vitamin C and antioxidants. The free radicals that often cause cancer will be eliminated by these powerful antioxidants.

All the studies have proven that flavanoids are anti-inflammatory agents that suppress the growth of tumors. It also reduces the levels of cholesterol. Parsley is full of in iron and also boosts the energy levels so it is ideal for those who suffer from energy-sapping anemia.


Every single ingredient in this beverage helps the body in unique way. The presence of absorbic and citric acid in the fruit clean the liver and aid digestion. Lemon juice is rich in negatively-charged ions that significantly energize the body. It is perfect in the process of weight loss because it melts the fat, accelerates your metabolism and enhances your mood.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda provides remarkable beneficial effects even in small doses. The implementation of alkaline substances into your nutrition help you lose weight faster. For older individuals and those with problems with kidney functions, baking soda may also lower cholesterol levels. The production of the fat burning substance – ketones is increasing by baking soda. It also reduces the discomfort that comes with digestion and neutralizes and excess of stomach acid.


Two thirds of the human body is comprised of water so the water has major role in the human body. Every exercise and diet calls for larger amounts of water. It boosts the energy levels, immunity and flushes out the toxins.

Note: You do not have to consume the drink if you take a blood thinner such as Warfarin because this drink is rich in Vitamin K.


You will definitely lower your cholesterol and get rid of the excess pounds by consuming this miraculous drink consisted of parsley, water, lemon and slam amount of baking soda.

The results will be visible almost immediately. Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

Source: Positive Med

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