Before a couple of months ago, University of Taiwan conducted a study that included women of diverse origin, weight and age. They were given 250ml (one glass) of tomato juice a day in a period of two months.

Here Is How This Women Quickly Lost Lot Of Weight The Natural Way By Drinking THIS JUICE Daily For 2 Months!

The results astonished the scientists. The women experienced fast elimination of stubborn fat and significant weight reduction.

All the women who took part in the research didn’t change the habits and lifestyle where the results became visible in only a couple of days.

They took blood tests from the women before and in the end of the study.

Cholesterol level was lowered – lycopene was expanded – that actually acts as a cancer prevention agent from the tomatoes”. The consumption of these healthy vegetables improved their overall health.

The research also proved that the consumption of tomato juice can prevent the development of diseases, prevent form coronary illness and improve the immunity. This powerful juice also secures the heart wellbeing, liver, lung, urinary blood illness, eliminates the excessive liquids and helps with digestive issues.

Other beneficial properties of this beverage include: anticipates pallor, calms rheumatics manifestation, assists with hack and enhanced skin appearance.

The presence of large amount of magnesium is excellent for muscle spasms after physical activity. There are 11mg of magnesium in 100g of tomato.

Tomato juice is also rich in Vitamin C, carbs, herbal proteins, potassium, calcium. You must implement this healthy veggie into your diet.

In the preparation of the juice that we’ve mentioned before, you will need the following ingredients.

-         2 tbsp of salt

-         4 tbsp of sugar

-         2.2 (4kg) pound of tomatoes


Wash the tomatoes and remove the petioles. Grind and place them in a bowel, add the sugar and the salt. Cook it with constant mixing for 10 min then pour the cooked tomatoes in a glass jugs and close them. Place the juice on a cool place when it cools down.

Source: Health Tips Portal

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