If you are suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure or water retention, then a diuretic foods could be very beneficial for you. Cleansing the body of excess fluid is important for good health and it will also help you if you want to lose weight.


Artichokes is having many properties and nutrients, and is amazing for your digestive system. Hence, it is perfect for someone who want to losesome pounds.


The garlic is helping to clean the body and is having diuretic effects.


The carrots are good known for improving vision and have amazing diuretic effects, but they are also having a lot of other benefits.


The watermelon is containsa lot of water and many other nutrients. It’s helping the body to release the excessive salt and water.

Lose Weight, Cleanse Your Body, and Lower High Blood Pressure With These Diuretic Super-Foods!


Asparagus is containing very high levels of amino acid asparagine that is serving as natural diuretic and increased urination not just releasing fluid, but also helps the body to eliminate the excess salt. This is very helpful for people who have edema or high blood pressure.


Tomatoes are containing 90 % water. Also, they contain antioxidants as beta-carotene, selenium, lycopene and vitamin C. They are very low on calories and cholesterol, so they can be great choice for weight loss.


Grapes contain a lot of water content and are great source of potassium. Each of these superb properties are making them very unique and effective diuretic food. They are removing toxins from your body throughout increasing urine flow, so with that they are mostly used to treat kidney disorders.


Cucumber is containing high water content that makes it perfect choice as natural diuretic. It’s also known for the content of sulfur and silicon, which are inducing the kidneys for removing the uric acids.


An eggplant is improving the blood circulation and reduces the toxic heat. It is having diuretic properties and that’s why is very useful for treating edema and hypertension. Also, eggplants are much recommended for weight loss.

Cranberry Juice

The cranberry juice, due to its diuretic and antibacterial properties, is used for treating a urinary tract infections.


Parsley is containing a few types of antioxidants and is having numerous health benefits as natural diuretic. Also, it is very rich with Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B3.


Celery seed is speeding up the uric acid excretion and increasing the rate of the urine production, thus is detoxifying the body. It’s recommended for treating cystitis, bladder disorders and some other kidney issues.

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