Ginger is a root which has a number of health benefits and also has a pleasant spicy flavor. One of the benefits of ginger is that it can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Ginger, Weight Loss and the Studies

According to Ayurveda, which is an ancient practice, consuming ginger root can help you maintain a normal weight. Research has also proven this.

According to an animal study from 2014, rats that were overweight lost weight after they were given gingerol, a compound which can be found in ginger. There were also notable results in the leptin and blood sugar levels.

Leptin is a compound which plays an important role in felling satisfied and full after a meal. According to researchers, ginger supplements prevent obesity which is caused by high fat diet and ginger can be a promising therapy for treating obesity.

According to another study which was published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, ginger supplements can have the same effect on the weight loss of rats as the popular medication for weight loss, Orlistat. Furthermore, ginger also improved the blood cholesterol levels.

Ginger Can Help You Reduce Belly Fat

Apart from helping you maintain a normal weight, ginger can also help you reduce belly fat. Ginger targets the main causes of belly fat accumulation like hormonal changes, overeating and lack of energy which leads to lack of exercise. Since ginger helps you feel satiated it can suppress the urge to overeat.

Your immune system can become unbalanced due to chronic stress and hormonal changes which can lead to an increase of the levels of blood cortisol. As stated in an article from 2004 published in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, ginger can suppress the production of cortisol.

Increased cortisol levels can lead to weight gain and make it really hard to lose belly fat.

By consuming ginger you can restore the balance and promote weight loss and well-being. The distinctive and sharp taste of ginger can increase your energy levels, mentally and physically.

Use Ginger and Lose Weight

Take a thin slice of ginger and chew it prior to eating. This will increase your energy, reduce the production of cortisol, stimulate digestion and regulate the metabolism. Another thing you can do is grate some ginger and add a little lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix these ingredients and consume small amounts of this prior to every meal and improve your digestion.

You can use ginger as a spice for a number of dishes. Don’t limit its consumption just before meals.

Lose Weight with the Help of Ginger Tea

You can prepare yourself an energizing and delicious ginger root tea. Consume this tea 2 or 3 times every day for optimal results.

  • Put 1 tablespoon of ginger in powder or 1 inch of grated ginger root into a glass that is heat-tolerant and with a capacity of 2 cups. Boil some water and pour over the ginger. Let it steep for 10 minutes at the minimum. Strain it and add honey or lemon juice for better taste if you like. Lemon juice and honey are also really healthy and can only increase the effect of this tea.

More Health Benefit of the Ginger

Apart from helping with weight loss, ginger can also reduce nausea, vomiting, reduce inflammation and even destroy cancer cells. Ginger can also be used for body detox and it can fight a number of diseases.

You can store the dry and powdered ginger in an airtight container and keep it for several months.  The fresh ginger root can be stored in a fridge and kept there up to 3 weeks. Freeze the ginger and lengthen its lifespan to a half a year.


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