Gaining or losing weight isn’t just about calories. What we eat is not the only thing that affects our weight. If you want to have a perfect weight you should balance a variety of levels. Since a good beginning makes a good ending, a healthy morning procedure will enlarge your chances of weight loss.

Your hunger and the fat that is produced in your body depend on two hormones: leptin and insulin. Since these hormones communicate with every other hormone in your body, there must be complete body balance if we want the hormones to work appropriately.If you have too much stress hormones or markers of inflammation, your weight loss hormones will rapidly descent.


1. Write in an appreciation journal

You should start every day by writing in your appreciation journal. Since life can become difficult sometimes, focusing on the good that is happening and writing it down will reduce the stress hormones and increase the hormones that make us happy.

There are various reasons that stress is bad for our waistline. People under stress eat food that is high in fat. The stress hormone, cortisol, can make your body less responsive to insulin. If this happens more fat is being stored, raising the chances of gaining weight.

2. Stretch

You should do exercises that involve stretching or something similar that can improve you flexibility. By stretching you can relieve the tension in your muscles. Muscle tension  affiliated with physical pain can cause stress. When you start feeling better physically, you will bemore contended emotionally and that will positively affect your body.To add, stretching makes your blood to flow faster thus providing you with more energy. When you feel energized, you are not craving for food which is high in fat and rich in sugar.

3. Have a Glass of Water

Dehydration happens to everybody in the morning after waking up. Dehydration can lead to inflammation, and the inflammatory markers can throw insulin and leptin off balance. You ought to start every day by drinking a glass of water, even adding lemon in it to prepare your digestive system for the day. A study published in 2003concluded that 500 ml water increases your metabolism by 30 percent.

4. Detoxify by body brushing

We are exposed to a lot of toxins every day. Toxins in high levels can cause inflammation which affects the hormones responsible of weight control. Body brushing is an uncomplicated way of brushing your skin to awaken the lymph system and get it going. If the lymph system functions well it removes toxins from our body. When your toxin caused  inflammation softens, the insulin sensitivity will increase and your body will store less fat.

5. Eat Something

Don’t start your day with an empty stomach. Even if you don’t have time for an actual breakfast, take a bite of anything in order to entice your metabolism. Some studies imply that people who eat later in the day manifest higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone that signals your brain when you are hungry.

This is the 20 minute routine that will help you balance your body, start your day on a positive note and prepare your body to lose weight.


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