You are trying to lose weight, but that’s not happening at the moment, do not panic, there is a solution. With the four-week diet plan that was designed by Jane Pearson, nutritionist from London, in four weeks you’ll lose eight pounds, without starving.

How does it work?

This a 4-week diet plan designed so you won’t feel hunger  at all during this diet plan. The question is how? All foods from the diet are positioned on the benchmark index on satiety, new nutritional system that measures how you can saturate a certain kind of food. So while you having breakfast, have lunch or dinner, you will be so fed so you won’t  eat something between the main meals. This diet is especially suited for people with a big appetite, but also for those who always give up the diet because they are afraid that they will constantly be hungry.

Diet Plan

What should you do?

- Make a 4-week diet plan with choosing a breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of each week. Meals must be always eaten at the same time and you shouldn’t dare to skip some of them.

- Time gap between meals shouldn’t be less than four hours.

- Between the main  meals, additional meals are not permitted, and you will not even need to eat something between the main meals because you’ll be satiated.

- Drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

- Tea and coffee without sugar are allowed.

- Forget alcohol and sweet dishes.

- Go to the following page to see the diet plan !

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