If you want to lose 7 pounds in just 3 days, you should definitely try this healthy diet. It consists of nuts and dried fruits that can help you to lose at least 2 pounds a day. The amazing diet regimen is useful for these cold days and positively affects the process of digestion. You need 5 packs of mixed dried fruits and nuts. Dried fruits should consist of at least three types and the nuts with at least two types.

dried fruits and nuts

Nuts should not be roasted or salted. The dried fruits can only have small quantities of sugar and flavorings. Dried apricots, dried prunes and grapes are allowed.

The nuts must consist walnuts, which are one of the most useful food products. Hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios are perfect choice too.

You have to consume 10 portions a day from the golden mix. As we mentioned above you have to buy 5 packs of mixed dried nuts and fruits (1 pack has to be 0.2 pounds). This means that almost every hour you can have a portion (calculate your time when you wake up and when you go to bed, consume ten equal portions between equal periods).

Apart from these products, it is allowed to consume green tea, black tea and coffee without sugar or milk. You can also drink 100 ml red wine or 250 ml beer.


Diet with dried fruit and nuts is really easy and simple, so you can stick to it without feeling hungry.

You don’t need time to prepare your food. The only thing that you need it is ready to eat. It will be a great help when you go to work. You have to stick to the diet only 3 days. Do not continue more than these days. If you suffer from liver disease or a stomach illness, do not keep the diet or consult your doctor.

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