breakfast – Coffee without sugar

lunch – 1 boiled egg, cooked beets or carrots, fresh cheese

dinner – Seasonal fruit, natural yogurt in amounts that you choose


breakfast – Coffee without sugar, grated fresh beets or carrots with lemon

lunch – 1 large cooked fish, 1 tomato

dinner - 1 large grilled steak, lettuce


breakfast – Black coffee without sugar

lunch – Grilled chicken

dinner – 2 boiled eggs , fresh carrot or beet



breakfast – Tea with lemon (no sugar)

lunch – 1 large steak grilled on a 1 – 2 teaspoons of oil, salad of your choice, fruit of your choice

dinner – Optionally select something from the menu

 Additional notes:

- This diet consists 2 cycles of 7 days, which means that after a week you should start with the second round – following the menu for Monday.

- The salad you can spice it up with lemon and little salt.

- Fruit, salad, or carrots you can eat in unlimited quantities when they are on the menu.

- The steaks you can spice it with salt and spices.


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