The name of the title tells you: You’ll lose 20 pounds in two weeks. Now, will you be lucky enough to lose that 20 pounds or you’ll lose less it will depend on other factors such as: consistency in the implementation of this diet meal menu, activity, your metabolism …

This diet meal menu is very popular among those who occasionally are on some diet because even if you reduce 10 pounds in two weeks – that’s not a small thing and the experiences of many practitioners suggest that after the return on the “normal” or “old” diet(nutrition) the weight will not return – indicating that a change in the metabolism has occurred.

Of course, the diet is for completely healthy people with prior consultation with a doctor (actually, this rule applies to all diets). This diet meal menu belongs to the fast diets and is not recommended as a lifestyle.

The Diet Meal Menu !

In this diet the breakfast is “murderous” because is just coffee and coffee every day and without sugar. You can use sweetener if you are used to the sweet taste of the coffee. It is very important to consume water (about 1.5 to 2 liters a day) and is very beneficial in these two weeks to include some minerals – vitamin formula that suits you. One of the variations of this diet allows after the third day to include some baked goods with coffee, which is for those who find it very difficult to drink only coffee.


breakfast  - Black coffee without sugar

lunch – 2 boiled eggs , spinach cooked in salted water

dinner – 1 large steak baked in a little oil , lettuce

diet meal menu


breakfast – Black coffee without sugar

lunch – 1 large grilled steak, lettuce, fruit optional

dinner – Cooked ham – as you like


breakfast – Black coffee without sugar

lunch – 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, 1 tomato

dinner – Cooked ham – as you like, lettuce

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