L – Carnitine originating from amino acid and is located almost in the all cells of the body. The name is derived from Latin and means “meat”. This weight loss pill plays a decisive role in energy production. It transports fatty acids into mitochondria (a cell type) which produce energy by burning the fat. With key feature, carnitne which is located in the muscle, successfully uses  the fat as fuel  creating energy.

With appropriate diet plan combined with physical activity, the success will be more than expected. If you want to keep you body line and the elasticity of the muscles, and to reduce the fat at the same time, this weight loss supplement should be included in your diet regime.
This is the best weight loss pills which is particularly effective as exchange of supplement for strict vegetarians, dietitians with premature babies.
If you eat a normal amount of healthy food and regularly do an exercises, but the fat in your body never goes down, you definitely need L–Carnitine !


1st  - Encourage metabolism to melt fat.
2nd – More natural energy with L-Carnitine.
3rd – Improving cardiovascular system and circulation.
4th – Prevents premature fatigue.
5th – Increase sports endurance.

The recommended dosage of L-Carnitine is between 1-3 g per day. For additional information about these weight loss pills, consult your doctor.

Tip* – Foods that contain L – carnitine

Animal products such as meat, fish and milk are the best sources of this amino acid where the red meat contains the highest amount of it.

The products that contain L – carnitine the most are the following:

Beef steak, Milk, Chicken breasts, Ice cream, Cheese, Corn bread.

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