The 10 seconds training that sometimes is called – super slow training program, is great for eliminating any momentum (force of acceleration) and keeps the muscles under constant tension during the performing  of the movement. The idea is to perform each iteration for 10 seconds (5 seconds in the phase of raising the weight and 5 seconds in the phase of lowering the weight).

For example: When you exercise with single dumbbell a workout for biceps, the lifting of the dumbbell (flexion of the muscle) should last 5 seconds and the lowering of the dumbbell (eccentric contraction of the muscle) should last 5 seconds and should be slow and controlled.

Training Program

When you start with the super slow training – 10 seconds training program, is strongly recommended to perform the workout with a much lighter weights, normally around 40-50% of the weight that you normal use for workout.

The 10 seconds training program can be performed with almost every exercise, and in particular is a major challenge to perform it with exercises like deadlift or pull ups, these exercises at the same time can be very useful.

Training Program

With this type of training, also, you’ll work more on muscle endurance, for this reason you must ensure that you control your slow down in breathing while you perform the exercise, don’t breathe the same as when you perform normal repetition.

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