The 21 year old John David Glaude, managed to do something  that lot of people dreamed of – he lost 160 lbs and from 360 ​​lbs and now he has 200 lbs. He successfully lost the excess pounds, but this left a trace and problem on his body – the excess skin. But, this brave and amazing boy still feels very happy because now he is finally noticed by the girls.

He made a video in which you can see the way his body has changed. He’s still not that confident when he needs to take his clothes off, but his message to everyone is that the imperfections, such as excess skin, should not stop them from reaching their goals and living their dreams.

He says that he is proud of who has he become and with that kind of attitude you can achieve some amazing stuff. He says that when he was 360 lbs, he was lonely, sad and didn’t know how to be happy. That was until John realized that he hated himself for being fat and that he is worth it more than he actually realised.  .

Knowing the fact that obesity could kill him in few years, he immediately gave up junk food and soft drinks and changed his lifestyle completely.

Inspiring Story: Look at the Body of 21 Year Old Boy That Lost 160 lbs in Just 7 Months!

After several months he started to go to the gym and decided to never go back to his previous lifestyle.

All of his friends are very happy for John’s positive change, and now also he has a girlfriend.

Watch the following video to learn more about John’s inspiring story!

Watch the video on the following link>

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