Although there are lot of people who claim that the scales for measurement of our weight shouldn’t be available to us so often, a new research has proved the opposite.

If you want to lose weight  fast, measure your weight as frequently as you can. It will take you only 10 seconds, but the results will be visible and real.

The latest published research which was led by Elina Helander from a university in Finland, shows that women who measured their weight daily, lose weight faster than women who practiced this habit once a week.

The renowned coach Roy Marshall also agrees with this tactic and claims that the results will be visible after just one month.

“Get up, go to the bathroom and wash and then stand on the scale to measure your weight.  Let this become a daily habit for you and then it will become a routine, “says Roy.

Lose Weight

The researches on this topic, showed several times that respondents who’ve measured the weight had an average of 25 pounds less than those who didn’t practiced this habit.

So if each year you struggle with the holiday pounds, this time try something different and listen to the advice – Weigh yourself everyday!

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