People who regularly practice physical activity, almost never get sick, compared to those who have sedentary lifestyle. People who have walk five times a week from 30 to 45 minutes, the number of sick days during the year is twice smaller than the persons who do not exercise and who are not physically active.

This is the explanation: There are many positive changes for the immune system if you do some physical activity. The cells that are important to the immune system which rapidly circulate through the body, increase the level of immunoglobulin in the blood and decrease the level of stress hormones. Regular exercise protects the body from infections.

Pilates exercise

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates exercises are aimed to stabilize the heart, highlighting the erect posture and proper breathing. You have to practice the Pilates leisurely and controlled without excessive sweating. It is not intensive and it’s especially good for people with weak joints (knees) and previous injuries.

Most Pilates exercises for joint mobility and strengthen the heart muscle, as well as proper breathing, can be practiced by training at all levels of physical fitness. Moreover, it’s not required any special preparation and place. Pilates is an anaerobic exercise which burns a lot of calories and shape the muscles.

Exercise at any age

Over the years, people are rarely practice physical activity, ignoring the positive effects on the body at every age. You have to practice these habits because exercising acts exclusively positive from many aspects. Doing exercise strengthen the muscles, ligaments and bones, which improves the mobility and reduces the chances of falling and injuries.

Exercise leads to greater tolerance of the injuries

If you scream and cry due to a thin needle pricks, as you have a difficult, painful and serious injury, your DNA is responsible for that situation. Some people are programmed to produce low levels of certain enzymes, therefore, have a nervous system which is particularly sensitive to pain. If you want to change that, you just have to exercise because physical activity increases the tolerance to pain.

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