During the cold autumn and winter days, various types of colds and viruses attack the human body. Today we are going to present you a powerful natural remedy that represents a real anti viral bomb which will successfully protect you from those, remove the toxins and wastes and boost your immunity.

anti viral bomb



The first thing you should do is to wash and peel the ginger. After that slice the ginger and lemon into small pieces and place them in a blender. Then add the honey and mix it well until you get homogenous mass. Put the mixture in a glass jar and store it in the fridge.

Children can consume one teaspoon per day where the adults one tablespoon a day. You can also mix this powerful remedy with hot drinks and tea.

Lemon has a large amount of Vitamin C and it’s full of organic acids that stimulates the secretion of mucus, increases the immunity, rejuvenates the skin and many other beneficial properties.

Ginger is one of the healthiest herbs on the planet. It has anti-toxic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It prevents cold, flu and many other diseases.

Have a nice and healthy winter days!

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