Anemic people have a lack of iron, which is necessary to transfer oxygen to the cells and the proper functioning of muscles and other biochemical reactions. Nettle consists a lot of healthy that speed up the process of creation of iron and its better utilization of the food we consume. The stinging nettle tea is the best natural remedy in order to cure anemia.

Besides iron, the nettle contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, A, chlorophyll and flavonoids.

This kind of tea is the perfect drink for natural spring detoxification of the body. You can eat the leaves of nettle, seasoned with olive oil and vinegar or fresh as a salad. The can also be consumed as a herbal tea or freshly squeezed juice. Nettle removes the toxins from the body and purifies the blood.


This herbs fight against lung cancer, insomnia bronchitis, stomach ulcers, diseases of the joints, fever, tuberculosis,  affect and accelerate the healing of wounds and anxiety.

The tea herb cleanses the intestines and liver, it is good for malaria, stomach, hemorrhoids etc.

The nettles are not recommended for those who take medications for blood dilution.


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