We all agree, that it’s easy to start to exercise. One or way or the other you’ll boost your motivation and make the first thing, but the bigger problems with the regular workouts come a little bit later. Most of the people make the first step, but don’t succeed to move on. Why? It really simple: they fail to turn the exercise into a habit which they won’t skip, just like they don’t skip to brush the teeth in the morning.

It’s not easy to get use to some regular physical activity, but also, it’s not mission impossible. It’s important for you to have the desire and the will to begin, and in the process of turning the exercise into a habit we will help you with the following tips:

1.You have to exercise at the same time. You have to decide when  will be the best time for exercise, or when is your free free time and when you feel motivated the most – in the morning, during the afternoon or late in the evening. Find your particular hour like for e.g. 7 o’clock in the morning if you wake up early  or 7 pm  if you aren’t a morning type and follow the rules. If you don’t have a certain time for exercising  you’ll probably delay the exercise for later with excuses like, “Now I have no energy I’ll exercise later,” or “Today I can’t I’ll exercise tomorrow”.


2. Use an alarm as a reminder for 21 days. It becomes part of your life when you do the same things regularly in  21 days.  To spend the time during forming the habit more easily, alarm clock can help to remind you that you have to do exercise. The alarm should ring 30 minutes before your exercise to have enough time to get ready. Once you hear the alarm, start to prepare yourself immediately.

3.Leave the gym equipment at sight. Don’t put your trainers that you use for training in the closet, leave them on the chair in the bedroom. Don’t put your sneakers for exercising in boxes in some place that you can’t access easily, but put them next to your favorite shoes. Give your brain a visual reminder that you shouldn’t forget to exercise. Such small reminders will encourage you to put your priorities straight and you’ll say: “It’s time for action.”

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