You want to escape from everyday life, do not have empty space in your wardrobe, you look tired and getting exhausted after the climbing on the third floor or running for the bus?

All the mentioned above could be past unless you have little desire to solve the problem which is your head followed by the decision to start dealing with some kind of physical activity, exercise or recreation.

The most important thing is to start from somewhere and to motivate yourself. Doing an exercises and physical activities are a matter of habit. Here are a few ways to overcome the difficulties that appear at the beginning and to tips to motivate yourself.


It is very important to be critical to yourself. You should also put a motivational poster on the wall that will be visible all the time (best on the fridge) or realistic goal that can be reached. Try to start with a 15-minutes exercises lightweight, three months in continuity. Choose a discipline that enjoys you the most (fitness, running, swimming, etc.). The future result is the most important element in the process of training, because the headway is the biggest motivation for success.Motivation

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